Mindset, Thinking and Opinions of Others About our Network Marketing Business

In Network Marketing Business we are constantly thinking about what we do and how we should  do it. Often over-complicating things,  but that is another topic.  This topic about setting right foundation and setting your mindset right so you can freely do what needs to be done in order  to be successful. Video below explains few important points  that made huge  difference in my business when I understood it and when I freed myself from ‘What others will think’ – my goodness. Here are foundations that need to be in place first:

  1. Respect Yourself
  2. Respect Others
  3. Build Your Business Ethically

This video goes into more  details on good solid foundation. Plus, how not to care what others think about you as they are not the ones who are paying your bills. Focus  on  your  needs and needs of  your family, build business  ethically and that  will  drive your business  and purpose in right direction.

Wonder if  this makes sense?! Also this is  one of my few first videos while driving and recording and just wonder if it is destructive  or viewers can focus  on the topic.

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