Two Mistakes That Most Network Marketers Make

Two Mistakes That Most Network Marketers Make

I’ve been building my network marketing business for over 10 years and the longer I am in business the more I love it. It is fun to wake up in the morning and have a purpose, have a plan and work on your plan to achieve your own goals. I also had a chance to meet a lot of other network marketers and some are professionals, some are amateurs and some of them just ‘tried it’ and they seem to know the most, lol.

In either case, I noticed two issues among most of network marketing professionals and I was the same when I was starting my own business. I noticed that there are few common things among us top producers and among everyone else. I am not here to brag or bash anyone, but my experience has helped me to observe this behavior and to create a short video to explain it and suggest what to do about it.

Watch this short video where I explain what are the two most common mistakes that network marketers make while prospecting and building their network marketing business:

I would like to hear your experience and how much time you take to speak with a prospect and would love to hear how many prospects you approach on daily basis (on average) ?

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