Sponsor or Distributor ID to use when Registering Joining Forever Living Products

If you are trying to register with Forever Living but you don’t have an ID number (also called Distributor Number or Forever Business Owner number) you won’t be able to register with Forever Living. Everyone who joins Forever Living company as a business owner either to build a business or purchase products as a Novus Customer needs to have a sponsor or Sponsor’s ID number in order to register. If you don’t have one you can use this number:

ID TO USE to REGISTER: 200002313789

Sometimes when person is trying to register they may receive this message in red:
The Distributor ID you provided could not be found. Please provide another ID or search for one.

Simply use the ID (Forever Business Owner Identification Number) and you will be able to get registered.
Also, watch this video to learn what you should know before joining Forever Living:

My name is Oliver and I’ve been with Forever Living for over 10 years and I help new members grow their business with Forever. If you have any questions or need assistance registering with Forever Living feel free to contact me directly as I would be happy to help you. I can answer your questions and assist you with the registration.


Forever Business Owner, Independent Distributor for Forever Living Products in Toronto, Canada.

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