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There are many distributors in Forever Living. As a matter of fact Forever Living is a company that probably has the largest distributorship in  the world comparing to other companies. Number keeps growing literally on daily basis, and now Forever Living has about 10 Million registered distributors. However, not all of them are building the business, and there are some who never even purchase products, but it doesn’t mean that they never  will in the future.

Then, there are distributors who take this business to the next level and they become Supervisors and of course those who take  it even more seriously and  they become Managers. Forever Living Managers make on average about  $1,500 – $2,500, but there are  some  Managers who  don’t build their teams correctly and they make  less than $500 per month. Similarly there Managers who are making more than $5,000, $10,000 and more than $50,000 per month – yes, more than fifty thousand dollars per month.

So, who are these top distributors that are making a lot of money with Forever Living?

As you can imagine in a company big like Forever Living there are quite a few of them. Top distributors can be selected by several different criteria like largest team, largest volume, largest Chairman’s Bonus, Fastest Growing, Largest Eagle Manager Team, Top Trainers but we will keep it simple and sort of have a list that we can call “Overall Top Leaders” in Forever Living. Here is a list of  few that really stand out on a global scale, see photos of few of them below:

  • Rolf Kipp
  • Jayne Leach and John Curtis
  • Lino Barbosa& Noemia Barbosa
  • Joelle Bonnefoy and Andre Poli
  • Atilla & Kati Gidofalvi
  • John & Justina Ekperigin
  • Kim Madsen
  • Magnus Adlerkreutz
  • Pierrette De La Poterie


Since this website focuses on North America and mostly Canada. The next question would be who is the top leader or top distributor  in Canada. Again based on different criteria we would have a set of different people,  but one of the top distributors who stands out in Canada is Oliver Lepki. So, who is Oliver Lepki and what he has done with Forever?

About Oliver Lepki as Forever Living Distributor
Oliver and Olivera Lepki started with Forever in 2008.  They started at very part time basis but kept building their  business correctly according to Forever’s company policy as well as according to ethical business and network marketing principles. Being with the company only for several years Oliver & Olivera have qualified for several trips (Company’s Travel Incentives). They earned their trips to following destinations:

  • Los Angelos, California
  • Dallas, Texas
  • Phoenix, Arizona
  • Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Orlando, Florida
  • Grand Canyon, Arizona
  • Lake Tahoe, Nevada
  • Cagliari (Sardinia),  Italy
  • Singapore, Republic of Singapore

Besides these lifetime experience trips Oliver has qualified for  many other things like Conquistador Club member,  Business Builder Club member, Senior Manager, Car Incentive Qualifier, but most of all that Oliver is proud of is being an Eagle Manager for four consecutive years.  No other manager in North America has qualified for  Eagle Manager position four times in a row.


Why work with top distributors and leaders?
Top distributors are leaders and leaders will help you achieve your goals easier and faster.  Leaders train other people and hence they have skills needed to help new distributors build their business properly.  Top distributors have reached that level because they know how  to get  there and they can teach you how to get there. Don’t follow someone who doesn’t know how to get somewhere! Makes sense. Register today and  start your new business with Forever Living with Oliver Lepki.

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  1. Hi please i just placed an order for the clean 9. Was wondering who I could speak to about it. Just had a baby and looking to shed some weight, so was wondering if it’s safe to take. Also, is it adviced that one takes the clean 9 more than once to detox or from clean 9 it’s best to move to fit 1. Please lemme know.

    • Yes, it is safe! Do C9 first and then follow up with Fit1 – you will love the results. Most people do C9 twice a year but not necessarily one after another. Enjoy.

  2. I just joined forever living as a distributor and wandering if anyone can help me find buyers
    and give me tips of how to be successful in the business.

    • Hello Mary, normally your sponsor should be the person who would be leading you and helping you with the business. You are welcome to give me a call and we can see if I can help you. Best Regards.

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