Eagle Manager Benefits and Qualification with FLP

One of the most prestigious titles that one can earn with Forever Living is becoming Eagle Manager. 

If you understand the marketing plan of Forever Living Products, you will understand how tricky/hard it is to become Eagle Manager. No wonder that out of literally Millions and Millions of distributors only about thousand people qualify for this highlighting title.

Following video will explain what it takes to qualify for Eagle Manager title. But in few words, here is the simple explanation or set of requirements during the qualification period (1 year from May 1st – April 30th):

  1. Be Recognized Manager
  2. Be Active and Leadership Bonus Qualified
  3. Generate 720 Total Case Credits
  4. Sponsor and develop 2 Supervisors
  5. Support local and regional meetings
(for exact details and updates please check company policy)

To better understand why would someone become Eagle Manager with Forever Living please watch following video:

As you can see from the video there are many benefits, also it is a recipe or formula for development of a big Forever Living Business. Now, this  is all cool,  but to get a feeling how it looks at one of the Eagle Manager events, you should watch this video (see below). This is unforgettable experience that will certainly last a lifetime.

Finally, if this is inviting you should also become Eagle Manager with FLP company. Becoming an eagle is a path that will take you to new heights. If you are not registered yet, then I welcome you to join our esteemed Forever Living company and let’s work together to build a business to any level you are willing to work for.

My name is Oliver Lepki. I am proud Eagle Manager. I am Eagle who qualified as Eagle four times in a row. I know what it takes to become eagle and I can help you become one.


Forever Business Owner, Independent Distributor for Forever Living Products in Toronto, Canada.

3 comments on “Eagle Manager Benefits and Qualification with FLP
  1. Cephas Ola Laoye says:

    I am a new FBO. I’m willing to qualify as an Eagle Manager in less than one year by the special grace of God. I’m sure that my sponsor and other FLP managers will assist me.

  2. Norman Muhairwe says:

    Am a supervisor working hard to qualify as an Eagle manager with the support of my upline and my team..

  3. I am a new FBO …I am really hungry for success in this business…I want to become an eagle manager at the quickest possible time….

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