Having Multiple Companies In Network Marketing

Over and over there are and there will be those who are part of (associated with) two or more network marketing companies at the same time. For those who are new in the network marketing profession they don’t see anything wrong with it. Ethically, I don’t think there is a problem as long as person is not misleading clients. However,  there is a bigger problem behind it. Problem is that person can’t focus and give full energy that is needed to be successful in one network  marketing company and hence wasting the valuable time. The sooner person makes the decision and picks one company and uses laser focus on one company the sooner better results will start coming in.

I’ve been with one company from my first beginnings and at one point, I have looked and got engaged with another company (for a very short time), which only took my attention from the main focus and deviated me from my primary goal. I didn’t learn much more, I got few people into this other company and it started to become mess. When I realized what started to happen I have quickly terminated my other  company and remained focused on my primary network marketing company.

Check out this video for  clearer description how this works out:

I wonder if this makes sense to you and if it does or doesn’t – I would like to hear from you. Wonder if you’ve been a member  of  more than one company at the same time?! Would like to hear your thoughts.

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