How to Build or Grow your Business while Driving

How to Build or Grow your Business while Driving

It is quite common that people will have an excuse (NOT a real reason) why they can’t do certain things. More often  than  not – it is just not true. One of such excuses is that they don’t have time because they are commuting a lot and that is a problem. In my early years I learned that every situation can be looked at as a problem or opportunity. Similarly with commuting – for some people it is a problem (I can understand that), but at the same time it can be opportunity to exploit that time for something useful, like for example –  to build a business while driving. Here is a list of activities that you can do safely while driving (hands free of course):

  • Follow up with fellow distributors
  • Follow up with your customers
  • Phone call prospecting
  • Listen to educational audio books
  • Record videos

Building any business is  not easy including network marketing business and we need to utilize our time as best as possible in order to benefit the most. It is our business and it is our responsibilities. We can either find a way (find a solution) OR find an excuse. Check out my video how I drive and record a video – which is a proof of exactly what is written in this blog post.

I do understand that for some people recording a video may not be an easy task while driving and if that’s the case – that is perfectly OK. Even making prospecting calls might be tricky. However, listening to audio books and other educational material while driving should not be a problem at all. Give it a try. Listen few times and let’s see what happens.

Would love to hear  your opinion on this approach and if anyone else recording videos while driving or any other useful and practical tasks that are safe at the same time.




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