How To Convince and Sponsor Sales People

So, let’s have a prospect with sales background and you want to sponsor this person into your network marketing business! What to say, what ask and how to present the opportunity to ‘get’ this person into the business. Sales people already have good skills that can be easily applied in network marketing. Most people have good  communications skills, follow up skills, are professional and so on – wouldn’t be nice to ‘get’ such people into your business as well. So, Really, how do you convince a sales person to join your network marketing biz?

This  video will explain it…:

Hope this made sense. Conclusion, we are NOT in the  business of CONVINCING other people to join our business whether they are  salespeople, engineers, home stay moms, home stay dads – doesn’t matter – we are in the business of sharing, explaining and searching for people who will like, love and enjoy network marketing business.

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