Key Signs Body is Telling You When You Are Missing Protein

Reading ingredients seems like protein is everywhere and  also by itself – protein shakes, protein supplements, protein in cereal bars, protein hamburgers and protein rich cookies. However, there are still many people who don’t get enough protein in their diet. The amount of protein people should intake depend on their daily activity and weight, which makes it difficult to figure out what is the right amount to take in every day. While doing some research here is  a list of good indicators that your body will tell you if you are lacking proteins:

Body Weakness – when you feel out of energy it happens for two main reasons – you are either lacking carbs (carbohydrates) or lacking proteins. Carbs will give  you immediate boost (quick energy source), but your  lack of protein will make your body weak. Muscles are typically made out of proteins and without protein your muscles will start tearing down and become week, hence making you tired.

Cravings for Sugar – Continuously craving for sweets could be another sign simply because your sugar level will drop when you lack proteins and hence your body will naturally crave for sweets. Of course not everyone with cravings is protein deficient, but protein deficiency and unstable blood sugar go hand  in hand.

Sleeping Problem – This one is interesting, without protein, the body tends to crave carbohydrates and sugar in excess. This creates a dependency on sugar for energy. However, sugar and carbohydrates burn much faster, creating highs and lows in energy levels.  Overall, sleeping through the night requires the body to burn fat – a long-lasting fuel – rather than sugar, for a stretch of at least eight or nine hours. If the body is unaccustomed to burning fat and only accustomed to burning sugar and carbs, it will wake up every 2-3 hours looking for its next meal. A body that is trained in burning fat will be calmer and more able to sleep through the night. Getting enough protein at each meal will help stabilize the blood sugar and avoid the carbohydrate roller coaster in the first place, freeing up the body to learn how to burn its fat. (Source:

Hair Loss – Your hair follicle connects to the hair bulb with the help of protein. Lacking protein can cause the hair bulb to become loose and cause hair fall. Protein also protects the hair from pollution and smoke. Hair thinning though can be caused by other hormonal problems, like thyroid imbalances. (Source:

Solution to this problem is quite simple. Start eating more proteins on regular basis for at least few months. Consuming once or twice larger amount of protein will not make a big difference. Hence, person who  lacks  protein needs to consume it for several months.

Proteins come in many forms. Most popular source of protein is from red meat.  In some cases it is prescribed to eat  4oz of red meat on daily basis for several weeks. For many this is  not a solution because meat could  be expensive and for veterinarians this may not  work.

There are many other sources of non-meat proteins like Legumes, beans, seeds and nuts,  but one of the best solutions would be protein bars  and protein shakes. Forever Living Products has one of the best protein shakes available on the market.

Protein Shakes from ForeverLiving  come in two flavours – Vanilla and Chocolate. Forever Lite shake is a healthy and tasty way to supplement your diet with proteins. If used as a meal replacement, eat at least one nutritiously complete, low-calorie meal a day, including fresh fruit, vegetables, whole grains and lean protein.

For a meal on the go, whether you’re looking to lose weight, gain muscle or just need an energetic boost, reach for Forever Lite® Nutritional Diet Program. Mixed with milk or your favorite fruit juice, Forever Lite delivers a nutritious kick of vitamins, minerals, proteins and carbohydrates. Rich in proteins for bodybuilding, growth and repair, two shakes a day provide 100% of the RDI of many vitamins and minerals. Each shake contains 18 amino acids (including all 8 essential ones) and trace elements including iron, and iodine, plus fiber. To protect against free radicals, we’ve added antioxidant Beta Carotene and vitamins A and E, and used the natural fruit sugar fructose, instead of sugar or aspartame.


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