Selecting Healthy Toothpaste with Aloe Vera

Selecting Healthy Toothpaste with Aloe Vera

There are literally hundreds of different toothpaste products on the market. Most people will go for either least expensive, or perhaps most common OR the one they have seen being advertised on the TV.  Based on these sources is that the best toothpaste for you just because it is least expensive or the one that most people use? Probably not!!!  I don’t know which toothpaste you use and  hence I don’t know how good or bad it is. However, we can learn together about few important ingredients  that will help you make your own decision. That makes it fair and square. First,  watch this video to better understand what ingredients are commonly found in most toothpaste products and how good / bad they are:

Video clearly  explains how dangerous fluoride can be. So, there are some tooth pastes that have  no fluoride  and one of them is made by company that is very focused on health and wellness and it is called Forever Living Products. The toothgel is  simply called Forever Bright Aloe Vera Sparkling Toothgel. This toothpaste (it is really a toothgel) is truly fluoride free and instead of using fluoride Forever Living is using Bee Propolis (something that bees are producing, known as natural antibiotic).

Aloe Vera Toothgel (Forever Bright) is simply as natural as it can be – no wonder this product is Kosher approved and now respected and available in over 150 countries all over the world.

If you have ever wondered how this product is made and how much is put into the quality and testing into this product,  then you should watch this short video:


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