Is Aloe Vera Good For Babies and Children and is it safe?

Is Aloe Vera Good For Babies and Children and is it safe?

Today more and more people from around the world use Aloe Vera in their households as well as for their consumption as a natural source of multivitamins, multiminerals and amino acids. People drink aloe  vera for many  different reasons – to strengthen their immune system, to improve their metabolism, to feel better, to sleep better, to lose weight but most importantly to easy their stomach related issues and problems.  If you or anyone you know suffer from some kind of stomach related problems aloe vera would be strongly recommended in that case. Just make  sure you have a good source of aloe vera, that is potent and stabilized.

Now, question is whether aloe vera is good for babies and small children?
And the answer is of course yes, but please read more! What about safety, is it safe and what is the dosage? In  general there is no dosage  because aloe  vera is considered  food just like  any other food, but  happen to have a specific set of nutrients  that helps much more than any other juice available. There is apple juice, there is banana juice, orange juice and there is of course aloe vera juice and commonly called aloe vera gel. So, there is no dosage, but babies should take it by spoon, few spoons few  times a day, for kids one year and older they can take like 30 – 60 mil per day and so on. Adults normally drink about 60ml –  100ml to support their nutritional supply.

Please see following video, an example how to feed baby with aloe vera:

 And  here is another example, very interesting how they drink this and they get nutrition they need.

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5 Comments on “Is Aloe Vera Good For Babies and Children and is it safe?

  1. Hi my name is nora i have a douther she is 8 and i start givei g her aloe vera from my plant is it ok to give her the aloe vera from my plant she have constipation problem.

    • Not sure about aloe vera plant – because there are over 300 different yet similar. You should consider to use only aloe vera that is checked and bottled especially when giving it to kids/children.

  2. Aleo Vera is great I’ve used it for my son and it worked perfectly well on him both inside and outside of his body was super.My elder sister mercy and my elder brother emmauel eat and use i tried using it on me now I have a child I tried it on him and it was wonderful.lts body tonic I must confess God is so supernatural and ominiscience creator.All thanks to God.

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