Edmund Ramos Presenting Forever Living Opportunity

Presenting you a very special and very popular leader from Philippines. His  name is Mr. Edmund Ramos who is a Diamond Manager in Forever Living Products. At the beginning Mr. Edmund Ramos was working in one of the biggest bank in the Philippines which is Metro Bank as Vice President, he was skeptical at first to join FLP because he couldn’t see himself selling shampoos and toothpaste to his business associates. It was his wife who got involved in FLP first. Once she started making great income Mr. Ramos had no choice but to join his wife in this amazing business for she is no longer interested in his salary instead seeing the power of  Forever he took it seriously and  together built amazing business. Mr. Ramos became Diamond Manager and  today he  enjoys many benefits that Forever offers.

Edmund Ramos Explaining Forever Living:




Forever Business Owner, Independent Distributor for Forever Living Products in Toronto, Canada.

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