Clean 9 Cleansing and Weight Loss Program

Introducing you to the Clean 9 Cleansing Program – this is the first part in a two part weight loss system by Forever Living Products company. Simply stay committed to this program and you will  see how to live free from yoyo dieting and lose fat permanently. The first stage, the ‘cleanse’ stage is a 9 day diet that claims you can safely lose up to 8kg (15lb) of weight in just over a week – without feeling hungry.

How to do the Clean 9 program?

It is very simple.  The first two days out of 9 day cleansing program are considered the ‘detox’ days during which only supplements and one meal replacement shake is consumed. The remaining 7 days are continuation but set of supplements is different. Here is  a list of main items that need to be consumed during these 9 days:

  • 3 litres of aloe vera gel (few options)
  • Protein shakes (1 per day for 7 days not during the first two days)
  • Garcinia Cambogia supplements
  • Bee pollen tablets

This is a fantastic program. Please watch following video for better understanding and several testimonials:

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How to order Clean 9 Program Package?
There are few different ways to purchase Clean 9 package. You can buy it from one of Forever Living Products representatives in your area. Our representatives are found in about 160 countries,  hence most likely in your country and city as well. If you don’t know any representative who sells Clean 9 Cleansing and Weight Loss Program – then the best way to order this product is online. Forever Living company has been in the  business  for almost four decades and has invested a lot into online ordering. Online ordering with is very safe and secure. However, if you still prefer to order your products directly from a representative, please contact us and we will do our best to reach someone near you where you can buy Clean 9. Please note that we offer 100% money back guarantee on all our products. In case  you don’t like it (even if you finish it all) we would be happy to refund you all money spent. This is Forever – we believe in our products and we stand behind our products 100%.



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