Clean 9 FIT 1 FIT 2

Clean 9 FIT 1 FIT 2
FIT Packs Clean 9

Weight Management (More like Weight Loss) Program with Clean 9,  FIT 1 and FIT 2. Review  them here in details.

FIT (be fit with Forever products) – smart way to take care of your fitness and famous weight management program. Look better, Feel better! Real and proven program that helps you lose weight and become fit like never before. Smart nutrition in few packs.

FIT 1 will change the way you think and feel about nutrition and exercise and teach you how to make your weight-loss sustainable.

FIT 2 will help you build lean muscle, tone your body and complete your transformation.

Your FIT 1 pak includes:
*    Aloe Vera Gel® – 4X – 1 liter bottles
*    Forever Lite Ultra Shake® – 2 Vanilla pouches
*    Forever Therm™ – 60 tablets
*    Forever Fiber™ – 30 sticks
*    Forever Garcinia Plus® – 70 softgels
*    Forever PRO X²™ High Protein Bars – 10 Cinnamon or Chocolate Bars.

Must watch this video by Steve Hatchett explaining Clean 9, Fit 1 and Fit 2:

If you are not sure which pack to use  or have additional  questions please contact us directly for more information. But in essence here are three packs and their primary functions:

  • Clean 9 – Cleanse and give yourself a weight loss boost
  • F.I.T. 1 – Continue to lose weight with FIT 1 Program
  • F.I.T. 2 – If you don’t need to lose weight then use FIT 2 after Clean 9 or simply use FIT2 to lean your body and build muscles

Another great video explaining these three revolutionary weight management packages. Just awesome.



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