How to Successfully Build Customer Base with Personal Care Products

Marketing and Selling Personal Care Products

Marketing and Selling Personal Care Products

Being in the network marketing profession for many years I noticed that many people have a hard time to build customer base. One way or another successful business is created based on a solid customer base – if not your personal then based on your team’s customers’ volume. This is true especially for companies that pay commissions and bonuses solely based on product volume – great company like Forever Living for instance.  So, how do we solve this problem once and for all? How do we develop handful number of customers that will use our products.

Solution is exposure, exposure and exposure. There are several different ways to do this, like product presentations or home presentations or group parties, then product demos, online retailing, testers and so on. Many of them are sort of out dated, but still work very well. However, there is a relatively new and proven method that everyone seems to like and it is picking up fast like never before. It is called PUPP, pupp system.

PUPP System –  introducing products to prospects (potential customers)
What is PUPP? It stands  for Personal Use Product Package and in simple words it is a set of products accompanied with appropriate documentation that you borrow (lend) to your prospect to try and after they have tried it they will simply purchase some of these products.
It is very simple even 8-year old can do it, practical, proven method. Learn it from the video below and start developing your customer base.

To take a full advantage of this system, first you personally need to become good at it, then the system will work well but to maximize this system apply it to your team and  let them use it as well. That’s where the power will kick in.

To understand it well how it works watch this video below that explains it in details. Don’t just watch it, study it and then teach it.

Share it with your team.


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